Meet The Team

Fabiola Brace

Fabiola has a Bachelors Degree in Science with an emphasis in Physics, an MBA with a concentration in Health Care Management, and has 20 years of managing experience in the Food and Beverage Industry. Fabiola began her career at the IABC in 2010 as Banquet Manager, and less than a year later she was promoted to General Manager.

Since then, Fabiola has committed herself to leading her team with admirable confidence and care, and has worked diligently to ensure the happiness of our clients and that the quality of their experience comes first.

Fabiola resides in Canton, Michigan, and adores quality time with her family.

Nandi Zeqia

Nandi immigrated to the United States from Albania in 1997 and moved to Michigan in 2000 with his family. Nandi carries a Bachelor of Arts Degree and an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management from the New York Restaurant School. He spent 4 years working in various restaurants around the New York City metro area, where he was introduced to the concept of building daily menus around fresh ingredients.​ His dedication is expressed in quality food, new recipes, and artistic presentation. Nandi has been crafting fine foods for the Italian American Banquet Center since 2002.

Vicki Labrosse
Vicki Website.png

Vicki Labrosse has worked in the Hospitality Industry for over twenty years. She has held a variety of

management positions in Banquet & Event, Casino, Airport, and Casual & Fine Dining settings.​

Vicki moved to Texas and then Alabama in 2013, while following her husband's military career.

With his retirement, they returned to their roots as Michigander's in 2017, which is when she began her career

at the IABC as our Sales & Events Coordinator.​ In her spare time, Vicki loves indulging in music and

art as well as spending as much time as possible with dog, Buttercup!

Keri Tapella

Keri Tapella, a former Banquet Captain at The Italian American Banquet & Conference Center for 3 and a half years, has returned eager to learn the ins and outs of business. Here at the IABC, Keri assists in everyday Office Operations and Reception work. When she is not working in the office, Keri is busy working as an Etsy shop owner selling her paintings and pottery pieces. In her spare time she enjoys performing in plays at various theatres around the Metro Detroit area and traveling every chance she can. 

jeana Marinos

Jeana graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelors Degree in Nonprofit and Health Administration. She is passionate about people, learning, nature, and infusing creativity into all possible aspects of life.​ You guessed it! Jeana manages the Italian American Banquet & Conference Center’s digital and social media platforms and designs all of the collateral marketing materials. It is her goal to maintain the IABC’s positive image in an authentic, inviting way through Graphic Design, Marketing, and Photography.