Bridal Suite

Newly contsructed in 2020, this luxurious Bridal Suite is a private getaway furnished with chandelier sconces, a beautiful tufted lounge, a beauty counter, an open wardrobe, and best of all, a full-length three-sided mirror on a platform, stunning for wedding photos.

Da Vinci Room

Featuring a tile dance floor, arched windows, three gorgeous chandeliers and a full bar, the Da Vinci room accommodates up to 170 guests, making it the perfect room for a more intimate celebration or gathering.


Sunday Minimum Count: 70​ 


Da Vinci Dance Floor: 25 x 37

Room Square Footage: 2,960 Sq. Ft.

GB Styled Shoot-050.jpg

Michelangelo Room

The Michelangelo Room accommodates up to 270 guests, and features a tile dance floor, seven arched windows that face the outdoor terrace, six crystal-studded chandeliers, and a full bar. Ideal for larger events of all kinds!


Sunday Minimum Count: 170​ 


Michelangelo Dance Floor: 25 x 55

Room Square Footage: 4,400 Sq. Ft.

GB Styled Shoot-172.jpg

Grand Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom, our largest space, accommodates

up to 450 guests. The Michelangelo and Da Vinci rooms combine to create a stunning space where natural light pours through every window and onto the dance floor, nine crystal chandeliers, and two full bars, making the Grand Ballroom a beautiful space to host a

grand group of guests.


Sunday Minimum Count: 270​ 


Grand Ballroom Dance Floor: 25 x 92

Ballroom Square Footage: 7,400 Sq. Ft.



Accommodating up to 170 guests, the Clubhouse is our most casual space, popular for events such as reunions, graduation parties, and anniversaries. The Clubhouse is situated in our lower level and is furnished with a tile dance floor, arched windows, and a full bar. Access to the terrace, and outdoor and indoor bocce courts

make this a fun space for your weekend events!


Sunday Minimum Count: 50​ 


Clubhouse Dance Floor: 25 x 92

Room Square Footage: 7,400 Sq. Ft.